IBERFOIL becomes an ASI member

The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a certification and standards setting organization that recognizes and encourages responsible aluminum production, sourcing and management. This global initiative, which aims to support members of responsible supply chains such as IBERFOIL, is the result of producers, users and stakeholders coming together to create a “responsible aluminium” agreement.

The certification according to the ASI Performance Standard defines 59 principles, such as factory management, business integrity, transparency, materials management, environmental care, CO2 emissions or labor rights.

These requirements, fulfilled by the factory, lead to the ASI certification, which is an environmental, social and management guarantee for the customers.

IBERFOIL as a member of “Production and Transformation” is committed to achieve the ASI Performance Standard certification for at least one facility or product line. To do so, it has two years from its appointment as an ASI member.

IBERFOIL is committed to the SDG: affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12) and climate action (SDG 13).

IBERFOIL, specialist manufacturer of aluminium for pharmacy and food

The aluminium sector includes countless uses, among which, for its daily use, those related to the pharmacy and food sector stand out.

The properties that make this raw material the best option for its use in both the pharmaceutical and food industries are that thanks to its high resistance to high temperatures, humidity and corrosion, it allows the maintenance of medicines in perfect condition, preserving them from any external agent that could interfere with the chemical composition of the drug.

Similarly, they are ideal for preserving food, thanks to their resistance to light, cold and heat. Aluminium containers are the ones that ensure the longest expiry date for preserved food. On the other hand, it is a raw material that does not emit odors or chemicals to the food, so it does not interfere with the flavor of the final product.

On the other hand, aluminium is one of the few raw materials in nature that can be recycled infinitely without losing any of its properties during the process. This makes aluminum a sure bet for success, its circular economy places it at the top of profitability and efficiency.
IBERFOIL has the latest technology machinery that allows it to adapt its products to the unique and specific needs of each client.

Working side by side in the food and pharmaceutical industries, IBERFOIL is one of the main suppliers of the sector.

IBERFOIL is committed to industry and innovation (SDG 9).

IBERFOIL aluminium, the best bet

The aluminium is one of the most noble raw materials that exist. It is used in a daily way and, probably, it is not known the great versatility of its uses, for example, we find it in the streets, buildings, transport, offices, houses, conservation of food products, packages…

The properties it inherently possesses, compared with other materials, makes it a safe bet both in the present and in the future. It is lightweight, malleable, mouldable, and highly resistant to high temperatures, humidity and corrosion. It is 100% recycled and regardless of the number of times it is reused, it does not lose any of its properties during the process. This means that its circular economy is infinite.

IBERFOIL bets for the aluminium, the applications of its coils in the different sectors are:

  • Food sector: They are used to create containers, food lids, flexible packaging, pet food, tetra brik… They protect the food from external agents by keeping it intact. Aluminium does not produce odours or flavours, it keeps cold or heat and is light-resistant, keeping food in perfect condition for longer, allowing its expiry date to be longer.
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector: with the coils it’s possible to manufacture general packaging for medicines such as blister packs, ,envelopes for medicines (paracetamol ) caps with a high breaking load (cold form), protective film for creams or make-up.
  • Industrial sector and air conditioning: IBERFOIL coils ensure thermal resistance, reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat, which makes them a perfect insulation material for industrial use. Likewise, thanks to the malleability and adaptation of aluminium, they are also used in the manufacture of air conditioning equipment.
  • They are suitable for the closure of drinks such as shakes or wine bottles, are waterproof and protect against spillage thanks to their heat-sealing properties.

IBERFOIL has registered as an ASI member, implementing sustainable and socially responsible measures

IBERFOIL committed to responsible production and consumption (SDG 12) in the framework of climate action (SDG 13).

One more year, the students of VTC IES Biello Aragon visit IBERFOIL

On February 11th, the students of Electrical and Robotics Vocational Training Courses (VTC), together with two teachers, visited the IBERFOIL facilities in Sabiñánigo (Huesca).

During the tour they could see the inside of the facilities. The technicians informed them about the electricity, electronics and high-tech automatisms that the factory has. They could also see the new Edelweiss Rolling Mill working at full capacity and they could checked how the working reality in the world of aluminium is, being able to put into practice the knowledge acquired and seeing the instruments and machinery that is at the leading edge in rolling mill roughing.

This visit was the perfect way for them to get in touch with the professional world that awaits them, in IBERFOIL, they will find a future according to their professional qualities.

This action supposes the approach between specialized students and the labor needs of IBERFOIL, leader in the sector of thin and thick rolling mill.

IBERFOIL, is always supporting the society, that is why we are committed to education and quality work.


IBERFOIL advances with its investments

In 2017 IBERFOIL installed the biggest and most modern cold rolling mill in order to triple its production capacity.

Currently, a new investment is being made in order to increase the quality and diversify its range of products. Several old buildings have been demolished and all the new facilities are already being completed to accommodate the new production line that will be operational in April.

The new facilities have more than 4,500m2, where a new production line for tension levelling will be placed. It will continue increasing the quality and range of products due to penetrate new markets, especially those sectors which have delicate aluminium thicknesses.

IBERFOIL, looking to the future, always in continuous growth.

Back to school, easier with IBERFOIL

IBERFOIL manufactures its products under the highest quality standards. Thus, the excellent composition of IBERFOIL‘s aluminium coils are especially designed for food products, among others.

The aluminium of IBERFOIL, thanks to its highly hygienic processes, is ideal for wrapping the snack and also protects juices and milkshakes. So the food of your children will always be protected and in the best conditions.

In addition, the aluminum is 100% recyclable, it can be recycled infinitely without losing its properties. Always to the yellow container!

IBERFOIL, maximum quality for the most demanding markets.

With the blister made by IBERFOIL are all advantages

IBERFOIL aluminum coils are manufactured under the highest quality standards and the most rigorous processes, for this reason they are the perfect way to protect medicines and vitamines.

The blisters made with aluminum from IBERFOIL have many advantages:

• They are hermetically sealed; therefore, they are perfectly protected against adverse conditions that can occur in transport, storage and use.

• The medicines in the blister pack do not crash with each other, they remain intact and inside the blister they can not break.

• Once opened, the blister can not be resealed, avoiding the possible alteration or manipulation of the product.

• The shape of the blister packs allows to improve the taking of medicines.

• The high breaking load of aluminum prevents it from breaking accidentally, so it is safer for children and adults.

• The aluminium foil protects the pills by environmental influences, oxygen and humidity, so its expiration period can be very long.

• Our products can be customized with colors and brands.

The IBERFOIL aluminum thanks to its high sealing and preservation properties, its sterilization and the guaranteed quality is the perfect product to pack the medicines in a hygienic, clean and protected way.

IBERFOIL, Quality and Safety for the Most Demanding Markets.

The students of the Biello Aragón institute visited IBERFOIL

Last January 25th, students from Basic and Midway Electrician as well as Advanced Robotics degree programs visited our factory IBERFOIL located in Sabiñanigo.

During the visit, they were accompanied by our qualified personnel and saw the electric, electronic and all the automatism equipment we have in our factory. They also had the chance to visit the new aluminium rolling mill “Edelweiss” working at full capacity. This visit was the perfect opportunity to make a contact with the professional world which they are preparing for.

IBERFOIL based its human resources policy in the approaching students to the professional experience, in order to bring them a look of the working reality, practicing the skills they learn in the degree programs they are studying. During their visit they realized that there are some old colleagues working with us in IBERFOIL.

IBERFOIL, is specialized in aluminium foil lamination, with a large industrial capacity and advanced technology, offering a complete and real learning to the future workers.

Success cooking with IBERFOIL aluminium

The IBERFOIL aluminum coils are manufactured under the highest quality standards and the most rigorous processes so that they reach your kitchen with all the guarantees.

It’s folding, resistance and sealing high properties, will prepare your dishes uniformly, faster, with more flavor and without spills. The IBERFOIL Foil keeps your food warm  and does not generate odors or flavors, preventing also any bacteriological growth, which is why it is super safe for your kitchen and your family.

IBERFOIL ,maximum quality for the most demanding customers.

Cook with the IBERFOIL aluminium is a sure hit.