With the blister made by IBERFOIL are all advantages

IBERFOIL aluminum coils are manufactured under the highest quality standards and the most rigorous processes, for this reason they are the perfect way to protect medicines and vitamines.

The blisters made with aluminum from IBERFOIL have many advantages:

• They are hermetically sealed; therefore, they are perfectly protected against adverse conditions that can occur in transport, storage and use.

• The medicines in the blister pack do not crash with each other, they remain intact and inside the blister they can not break.

• Once opened, the blister can not be resealed, avoiding the possible alteration or manipulation of the product.

• The shape of the blister packs allows to improve the taking of medicines.

• The high breaking load of aluminum prevents it from breaking accidentally, so it is safer for children and adults.

• The aluminium foil protects the pills by environmental influences, oxygen and humidity, so its expiration period can be very long.

• Our products can be customized with colors and brands.

The IBERFOIL aluminum thanks to its high sealing and preservation properties, its sterilization and the guaranteed quality is the perfect product to pack the medicines in a hygienic, clean and protected way.

IBERFOIL, Quality and Safety for the Most Demanding Markets.