Iberfoil, calidad
Iberfoil, calidad
Iberfoil, calidad
Iberfoil, calidad
Iberfoil, calidad



The Management of IBERFOIL ARAGÓN SL considers that the Quality, Safety, Environment and Health Policy is one of the fundamental pillars of the organization, indispensable for the company’s success and the satisfaction of our customers and shows its permanent commitment to safety and the welfare of all its employees. Since they are its main asset and key to business development, it states that its working conditions are the most adequate for the activity to be carried out in the safest and most sustainable environment possible.

The IBERFOIL ARAGÓN SL Quality, Environment, Safety and Health Control System comply with all current normative and legal requirements, being considered as a primary and necessary objective at all levels of the organization, in all its activities and decisions and ensures, therefore, the fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • The integration of all departments of the company, that is to say, the active participation of all staff, with a fundamental idea that quality, safety, health and respect for the environment is the responsibility of all people who make up the company.
  • The commitment to comply or exceed legal requirements, according to regulations or requests that come from our customers.
  • A continuous improvement in our efficiency of the management systems as well as in all our processes, products and services.
  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing the proposed goals and targets on a regular basis.
  • All staff of IBERFOIL ARAGÓN S.L. Understands, promotes and assists the implementation of this policy and its principles. For this, the company guarantees the formation of each team and an appropriate leadership for its correct motivation and daily operation.
  • The search for techniques and methods of valuing the waste produced by the organization to reduce its impact on the environment.
  • The control and reduction of consumption of natural resources, in our manufacturing processes, as far as possible and technically feasible.
  • Ensure growth based on sustainable development.
  • Production of IBERFOIL ARAGÓN S.L. does not compromise ecological, welfare or safety values for its employees. The foundation of the company’s policy is to operate safely and responsibly respecting the health of its staff, its customers, its facilities and its environment.
  • Valuation of human life as the main value: The staff of IBERFOIL ARAGÓN S.L. is aware that he is obliged to look after both his own safety and health and that of others, and that the example of his personal behavior is essential for balancing the safety of all in a sustainable environment.
  • Commitment to keep the facilities in perfect condition with the aim of avoiding risks to the health or safety of their workers, as well as the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary for their activity.

The Management of IBERFOIL ARAGÓN S.L undertakes annually to establish and revise the objectives of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment and to involve all workers in the continuous improvement of Quality.

This Policy will be reviewed every two years for its continuous adaptation to the needs of our Clients, market variations and business strategies.