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Back to school, easier with IBERFOIL

IBERFOIL manufactures its products under the highest quality standards. Thus, the excellent composition of IBERFOIL’s aluminium coils are especially designed for food products, among others. The aluminium of IBERFOIL, thanks to its highly hygienic processes, is ideal for wrapping the snack and also protects juices and milkshakes. So the food of your children will always […]

With the blister made by IBERFOIL are all advantages

IBERFOIL aluminum coils are manufactured under the highest quality standards and the most rigorous processes, for this reason they are the perfect way to protect medicines and vitamines. The blisters made with aluminum from IBERFOIL have many advantages: They are hermetically sealed; therefore, they are perfectly protected against adverse conditions that can occur in transport, […]

The students of the Biello Aragón institute visited IBERFOIL

Last January 25th, students from Basic and Midway Electrician as well as Advanced Robotics degree programs visited our factory IBERFOIL located in Sabiñanigo. During the visit, they were accompanied by our qualified personnel and saw the electric, electronic and all the automatism equipment we have in our factory. They also had the chance to visit […]

Success cooking with IBERFOIL aluminium

The IBERFOIL aluminum coils are manufactured under the highest quality standards and the most rigorous processes so that they reach your kitchen with all the guarantees. It’s folding, resistance and sealing high properties, will prepare your dishes uniformly, faster, with more flavor and without spills. The IBERFOIL Foil keeps your food warm  and does not […]

Celebrate this Christmas with IBERFOIL

With IBERFOIL beverage seals… Your drinks will arrive safely at home! IBERFOIL manufactures high quality aluminium foil adjusted and desinged for different uses, including the seals of many of the beverages that arrive at your home in this special time of the year. The aluminium manufactured in IBERFOIL is a highly hygienic material with high […]

Quality snacks with IBERFOIL

IBERFOIL aluminium coils are used as packaging for a wide range of food products IBERFOIL manufactures all its products under the highest quality requirements. Thus, the excellent composition of IBERFOIL aluminium foil allows its pretreatment for final use in products intended for audiences of all ages. With special attention to food sector and thanks to […]

Back to school with IBERFOIL

IBERFOIL aluminium is present in several products such as food packaging and beverage seals The high quality of IBERFOIL products supplies a diversity of markets that gain relevance in September. With the back to school, IBERFOIL aluminium slips into the classrooms, present in products such as aluminium foil, ideal for wrapping the snacks of children, […]

IBERFOIL helps you taking care of yourself

IBERFOIL offers an alloy specially designed for the cosmetics market IBERFOIL’s aluminium coils are top quality for the production of cosmetics packaging, thanks to their versatility, flexibility and manufacture led by a highly qualified professional team focused on quality and innovation. Between 6.35 and 40 microns thickness, IBERFOIL has developed an alloy specially designed for […]

Sweeten your taste with IBERFOIL

 Do you know all the healthy benefits of chocolate?  Besides being a natural antioxidant, chocolate contains many other substances that produce a feeling of well-being, create a heart-protective effect, help bones and teeth growth and improves memory, among many other benefits. IBERFOIL, leader in aluminium foil rolling, is specialized in the manufacture of food packaging […]