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Sun creams protected with IBERFOIL’s aluminium, a product guarantee

During the summer months, the pleasant temperatures and the holidays, make possible to enjoy paradisiacal places like the beaches, trekking routes in the mountains or simply to spend a day accompanied by family or friends in the swimming pool, where, it is very important to protect the skin with a good sun cream. It is normal […]


Le 22 juin dernier, IBERFOIL a obtenu le certificat d’ Entreprise Sûre et Propre délivré par l’ADEFAM, l’Association des Entreprises Familiales de Madrid, qui permet à ses employés de travailler à la fois dans l’usine et dans les bureaux en toute sécurité. KPMG est en charge de vérifier et certifier que les procédures et activités mises en œuvre dans les entreprises […]

IBERFOIL invests in Industry, invests in Future

IBERFOIL continues working in the facilities of its new building, which will have more than 4.500 m2, where a new production line will be installed for tension leveller of aluminium coils that will continue to increase the quality and range of products to be able to enter new markets, especially in the sectors with more delicate aluminium thicknesses. IBERFOIL, specialized in aluminium […]

High quality lids for product preservation

IBERFOIL’s aluminium, submitted to the highest standards and quality regulation, are the best solution for the lids of the beverages that we use every day. Due to its high resistance, to its unequalled properties of waterproofing and heat-sealing, they keep your drinks fresh during the summer, as well as, guaranteeing the maximum security for the consumer, preserving the product without generating any smell […]

#NousNEdevonsPASARRÊTER parce que #CelaseTERMINERA

ALIBERICO, plus que jamais, est chaque jour avec vous. En ces moments difficiles, nous voulons être plus proches de vous. Nous travaillons tous les jour pour prendre soin de vous. Nous nous adaptons à la nouvelle situation avec une protection maximale pour nos employés, poursuivant notre activité et fournissant tous nos clients. Réinventant et développant des produits […]

IBERFOIL becomes an ASI member

The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a certification and standards setting organization that recognizes and encourages responsible aluminium production, sourcing and management. This global initiative, which aims to support members of responsible supply chains such as IBERFOIL, is the result of producers, users and stakeholders coming together to create a “responsible aluminium” agreement. The certification according to the ASI Performance Standard defines […]

IBERFOIL, specialist manufacturer of aluminium for pharmacy and food

The aluminium sector includes countless uses, among which, for its daily use, those related to the pharmacy and food sector stand out. The properties that make this raw material the best option for its use in both the pharmaceutical and food industries are that thanks to its high resistance to high temperatures, humidity and corrosion, it allows the maintenance of […]

IBERFOIL aluminium, the best bet

The aluminium is one of the most noble raw materials that exist. It is used in a daily way and, probably, it is not known the great versatility of its uses, for example, we find it in the streets, buildings, transport, offices, houses, conservation of food products, packages… The properties it inherently possesses, compared with […]

One more year, the students of VTC IES Biello Aragon visit IBERFOIL

On February 11th, the students of Electrical and Robotics Vocational Training Courses (VTC), together with two teachers, visited the IBERFOIL facilities in Sabiñánigo (Huesca). During the tour they could see the inside of the facilities. The technicians informed them about the electricity, electronics and high-tech automatisms that the factory has. They could also see the […]

IBERFOIL advances with its investments

In 2017 IBERFOIL installed the biggest and most modern cold rolling mill in order to triple its production capacity. Currently, a new investment is being made in order to increase the quality and diversify its range of products. Several old buildings have been demolished and all the new facilities are already being completed to accommodate […]