IBERFOIL’s aluminium, submitted to the highest standards and quality regulation, are the best solution for the lids of the beverages that we use every day.
Due to its high resistance, to its unequalled properties of waterproofing and heat-sealing, they keep your drinks fresh during the summer, as well as, guaranteeing the maximum security for the consumer, preserving the product without generating any smell or taste and protecting it from external agents.
Thus, in the case of liquid foods such as yoghurts, smoothies or milk, thanks to IBERFOIL aluminium, they are kept in perfect condition for longer, maintaining the temperature and extending the time of ingestion.
Moreover, IBERFOIL’s aluminium is completely recyclable, therefore, it reduces the impact on the environment.
On the other hand, thanks to the properties that aluminium has, it is the perfect product to seal medical packages. Both syrups, cans containing vaccines or vitamins, require specific treatments to ensure that the content is kept tight until use, preventing spills or external agents can enter. For this reason IBERFOIL aluminium takes care of you guaranteeing the maximum security in the manufacture of the aluminium.
IBERFOIL aluminiumhygiene, security and maximum quality, betting on responsible production and consumption (SDG 12).