IBERFOIL collaborates in the COSMOS FESTIVAL in support of the Down Syndrome Association of Huesca.

IBERFOIL is participating as a collaborator in the COSMOS FESTIVAL, a new cultural charity event in support of Down syndrome, which will bring together various cultural activities in an inclusive and energetic atmosphere. As part of IBERFOIL’s commitment to ESG, support for causes that positively impact the community is key, such as this opportunity to promote inclusion.

The Festival, jointly organized by the Down Syndrome Association of Huesca, the Huesca City Council, and Veintiuno, will take place on March 16th at the Auditorium of the Huesca Congress Palace. It will begin at 7:30 p.m. with the performance „Dancing in Inclusion,“ an inclusive show aimed at reclaiming music and dance as a form of expression, liberation, and sharing, while eliminating prejudices and stereotypes surrounding performing arts and society in general. This performance will be by the Music and Dance group of the Down Syndrome Association directed by Pablo Pérez and Cristina Pérez. After a break for dinner, the local group Domador, in an acoustic format, will present their 2022 album nominated for Best Album at the Aragonese Music Awards. Following that, the legendary group La Guardia will make a stop at this festival as part of their 40th-anniversary tour.

Tickets are already on sale. Don’t miss out and join us at this charity festival!

IBERFOIL, committed to a more inclusive world.