IBERFOIL, specialist in aluminium rolling, presented last week IBERFOIL Integra project at the Hydrogen Foundation in Huesca.

This project aims to melt and recycle aluminium scrap and is set to become an industrial reference of Circular Economy in Spain.

IBERFOIL Integra will not only increase the recyclability of aluminium in Spain, but also guarantee the supply of raw materials in essential industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, among others. It also means a 45% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 90% reduction in energy consumption compared to primary aluminium.

The purpose of this project is to reduce, recycle and reuse a material such as aluminium that can be melted infinite times without losing its properties, achieving a Circular Economy with zero waste.

ALIBÉRICO is investing in a more sustainable future. Furthermore, this project will help to create social wealth with new and stable jobs.

IBERFOIL is once again committed to people, industry, innovation and sustainability (SDGs 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 15).