Arturo Aliaga visits the plant of IBERFOIL in Sabiñánigo at full capacity just three months after the opening

In such a short space of time, the new company has already hired 52 people and just set a third shift

Sabiñánigo, October.- 31 The Minister for Industry and Innovation of the Government of Aragon, Arturo Aliaga, visited in Sabiñánigo (Huesca) the factory of IBERFOIL Aragon, the only aluminium foil rolling mill that exists in Spain and which came into operation last 4h August, in which became part of the Aliberico Group. Starting from scratch and in just three months, the new company has already hired 52 people and just set a third shift, which means keeping their production continuously for 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

President IBERFOIL Aragon and Alibérico Group, Clemente González Soler, indicated that the company is complying strictly with their business plan and said that this same December the staff will reach up to 70 people. In addition, the company forecasts that by the end of next year will reach 95 people, which would have managed to regain employment in the factory in a record time of 17 months.

“We’ve done what we said and what we’ve done in record time” assured the president of IBERFOIL Aragon in presence of the Minister. “We are committed to the long-term and with the employment in Sabiñánigo and its region”.

Clemente González Soler also informed about the economic impact of the activity of IBERFOIL Aragon is taking to the town itself and in general, for all the Aragon region. In this regard, he said that the company is employing more than 102 subsidiary companies, of which 23 are Sabiñánigo and 73 in total of Aragon. Also, in terms of induced employment, the activity of the company has already generated more than 250 indirect jobs, of which 100 correspond to the area of influence of sabiñanense municipality.

The President of IBERFOIL Aragon also recognized the enormous effort that is assuming for the template and the direction of the company to meet its roadmap at a time with so tight margins. And he said that all the credit goes to a team that is responding with great commitment and enthusiasm to achieve their objectives. He cited as an example of this attitude the intense commercial campaign that has carried out the management team during the months of August and September, visiting and negotiating agreements with 30 major customers in Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The market response has been favorable for IBERFOIL Aragon, who expects to close the year 2014 (an exercise reduced to less than five months) with a production of 1,200 tons and a turnover of four million euros, and the forecast tenfold these two figures at the end of 2015. In 2018, the company expects to be producing 24,000 tons, which will mean a turnover of approximately EUR 77 million.

In relation to the development potential of the factory, Clemente González Soler said: “IBERFOIL adds a new location to the industrial map of Aragon and Spain, in addition to the time that as a nation we need to raise the importance of this sector in our economy and be able to create sustainable and quality employment.”

The factory of IBERFOIL Aragon has an area of 110,000 square meters and three aluminium foil rolling mill production lines intended for the packaging industry and packaging of food products and pharmaceuticals.