IBERFOIL’s COIL business line is specialized in the manufacture of thick aluminium coils between 200 microns and 6 mm and has a production capacity of up to 40,000 tonnes per year.

The main element of COIL’s business line is the Edelweiss cold rolling mill, the largest in Spain, with a width of up to 1,750 mm. Its operating speed is 800 meters per minute and its production capacity is 40,000 tons per year.

Another characteristic that makes this rolling mill unique is its ample capacity to manufacture aluminium coils with thicknesses of between 6 mm and 0.2 mm. The new rolling mill has allowed IBERFOIL to gain quota and products, extending the range of aluminium thicknesses towards new applications, sectors and markets.

Together with the Edelweiss rolling mill, a slitting line operating at a speed of 250 meters/minute has been assembled; two large annealing furnaces of up to 50 tons each for the heat treatment of aluminium and a rewinder that makes the passage to our fine rolling plant compatible.

In addition, an extension of the current buildings has been carried out, as well as the installation of auxiliary electrical and electronic equipment, compressed air, cooling water and fire-fighting services.

IBERFOIL’S thick aluminium coils are:


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