Business Lines

The high quality of IBERFOIL’s products supply a diversity of markets among which they are:

Pharmacy and Cosmetics


Products designed for the production of general packaging for both medicines and cosmetics. Alloy 8079 offers the ideal properties for this type of application, in 0 state (fully annealed) and thicknesses between 6.35 and 40 microns.


Packaging material for the back of drug tablets. The combination of alloy 8079 and final state H18, offers the optimum characteristics in thicknesses between 20 and 30 microns.


an ideal product for those packages that require a breaking load that allows the medicine to be packed without breaking after shaping the package. This type of product is supplied in alloy 8021, state 0 and thicknesses between 45 and 60 microns.

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Food Packaging

Alloy 8079, thickness 6.35 up to 20 microns, state 0. Thin aluminium foil coils serving as wrappers for a wide variety of food products such as:

Semi-rigid containers

For catering, pastries, takeaway.

The thin aluminium foil

Protects the product from moisture and external agents. This type of product is manufactured in alloy 8079, thickness from 6.35 to 12 microns and state 0.


Chocolates and candies.

Dairy products

Milk, butter, cheese.


For soups, coffees, energy drinks.


Yogurts, milk creams, custards, curds.

Pet food containers

Bags and packaging for animal feed and pet food. 8079, between 6.35 and 30 microns, state 0.

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Beverage Caps

Beverage Seals In alloy 8079, between 9.0 and 11.5 microns thick, state 0. Capsules For bottles of wine, champagne, cider. 1200 alloy, between 12 and 20 microns, state 0.

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For thermal and acoustic insulation panels for interior and exterior of vehicles, car hood decoration, door elements, dashboard and dugouts, ceiling rails in 3XXX and 5XXX alloys available in thicknesses of 0.3 to 1 mm.

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Aluminium coils for architecture, shutters, acoustic panels and false ceilings that guarantee high durability in exterior applications. Available in 3XXX and 5XXX alloys.

High quality aluminium coils, highly resistant to weather conditions and ideal for the most challenging architectural designs.

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Aluminium designed for the manufacture of signage, printing and corporate image materials. Available in 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX and 8XXX alloys. IBERFOIL coils offer great performance in terms of flatness and rigidity, which is crucial for printing processes.

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Fin stock

Thermal and acoustic insulation materials for construction and refrigeration Alloy 8079 thickness from 6.35 to 60 microns, state 0.

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Industrial application

Products designed trains, bus and vehicle applications. Alloys 1XXX 3XXX and 5XXX 8XXX.

Also for cabling and technical floors. Thickness 80 microns to 0.5 mm, state H XX.

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