Back to school with IBERFOIL

IBERFOIL aluminium is present in several products such as food packaging and beverage seals

The high quality of IBERFOIL products supplies a diversity of markets that gain relevance in September. With the back to school, IBERFOIL aluminium slips into the classrooms, present in products such as aluminium foil, ideal for wrapping the snacks of children, as well as in candies’ packaging, chocolates, sweets, dairy products and beverage seals such as liquid yoghurts, among other commodities.

All IBERFOIL products are manufactured to the highest quality standards so that they can later be transformed into flexible packaging. IBERFOIL aluminium is a highly hygienic material that prevents microbiological contact and does not generate odour or taste in food. And it is 100% recyclable!

But we can not only find IBERFOIL products in the food market, yet they are present in the heating and air conditioning systems of schools and institutes classrooms, as well as in many pharmaceutical products such as blisters of tablets, syrups lids, creams and pomades for children’s care.

IBERFOIL, Maximum Quality for the most demanding Clients.