Taking a look back and comparing society’s awareness with the environment, it is clear that right now society is much more committed and concerned about caring for the planet, many patterns of behaviour have changed such as the incessant search for less polluting energies and the continuous commitment to materials that have less impact on the environment and can be reused and recycled. Aluminium, IBERFOIL’s reason of being, is one of the materials that complies with all sustainability requirements.

Firstly, because it is one of the most “eco friendly” materials known, it is 100% recyclable, being able to be reused infinite times without generating waste. The efficient recycling process of aluminium means that the impact it has on the environment is practically zero because once the aluminium has fulfilled its first function, the entire material is recycled and given a second life and so many uses as you wish.

All this, together with the sustainability policies promoted by IBERFOIL, confirm the high commitment that the factory has with the respect and care of the environment.  Also, the strong bet for the investigation, innovation and the continuous improvement, basic pillars of IBERFOIL, guarantee that the quality of its products is the highest.

IBERFOIL is committed to responsible production and consumption (SGD 12) and action for the climate (SDG 13).