IBERFOIL revolutionizes the Aluminium Industry with the Implementation of Project Integra I: Innovative Multicameral Furnace for Circular Economy

In a bold move towards the forefront of sustainability, IBERFOIL, a specialist in advanced aluminium solutions, announces a strategic investment in “Project Integra I: Implementation of a multicameral furnace to promote circular economy in the aluminium industry.” This project, distinguished by its innovative approach, promises to radically transform production processes and reinforce IBERFOIL‘s commitment to sustainable business practices.

This project, with file number EC-22.a-2023 and a grant of €193,149.39, aims to promote the Circular Economy in aluminium production. Thanks to this, the project has received financial support from the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Its emblem, “A way of making Europe”, not only underscores the European Union’s commitment to sustainable initiatives but also recognizes the vision and efforts of IBERFOIL in the field of the Circular Economy.

The central and most prominent component of this significant investment is the introduction of a sophisticated multicameral furnace at the IBERFOIL ARAGÓN facilities. This revolutionary system for melting dirty aluminium scrap stands out for its ability to carry out the process without generating waste, thus avoiding the emission of polluting fumes.

Project Integra I represents a tangible commitment to innovation and sustainability. IBERFOIL is leading the way towards a cleaner and more efficient future in the aluminium industry, actively contributing to the vision of the European Regional Development Fund program “Building Europe from Aragon” through its commitment to the Circular Economy and responsible business practices.

At IBERFOIL, we continue to reaffirm our commitment to eco-efficiency in the industry.