In a bold move towards sustainable innovation, IBERFOIL is driving forward with Project Integra II: Pioneering Circular Economy in Aluminium.

In a new chapter of their commitment to sustainability, IBERFOIL, a leader in advanced aluminium solutions, takes a daring step with “Project Integra II: Implementation of circular economy in aluminium through the reuse of scrap waste.” This project, backed by the European Union through co-financing with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), reflects IBERFOIL’s vision for a more sustainable future.

With file number EC-22-2023 and a grant of €67,927.25, this groundbreaking project stands out for its focus on research and development. Under the slogan “A way of making Europe”, the ERDF supports IBERFOIL‘s initiative to drive the Circular Economy in the aluminium sector.

Project Integra II, centred on innovation and development, introduces secondary aluminium smelting in Spain, representing a significant advancement in the circular economy of the industry. An innovative multicameral furnace, equipped with advanced technology, allows for efficient and sustainable smelting of secondary aluminium, reducing costs and improving the quality of the final product.

Furthermore, due to its control capacity, the amount of oxygen in the smelting zone is adjusted, enabling a more efficient and precise fusion of aluminium scrap, thus minimizing material loss and promoting recycling.

The implementation of this technology in the aluminium industry in Spain has the potential to generate a positive impact on both the economy and the environment. Aluminium smelting, through material recycling, contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
By driving research and development with Project Integra IIIBERFOIL demonstrates its ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of solutions that benefit both the company and the environment.

IBERFOIL is forging a sustainable future, step by step, towards a greener world.